100% Online MBA vs. Hybrid MBA Programs

Committing to a fully online program of study can be a difficult decision for many students. The seeming abandonment of a social atmosphere and immersion through a professor’s words can be distressing, but it does also come with its unique rewards. A fully online student will become more aware of his abilities and what he is able to achieve under pressured circumstances. However, is hybrid study a more appropriate option for those who aren’t ready to fully commit to online study?

What is Hybrid Study and How is it Different to an Online MBA?

Hybrid study merges both online and classroom study into one program. This means that some components will be offered online and others will be offered on campus. This can be a great option for students who aren’t willing to commit to a fully online program of study or are simply hesitant about the difficulties that online students face in their typical study experiences. It also means that a student is still socially available!

One of the main study differences between hybrid and fully online courses is the sudden shock in between components. Semesters that require a “split”, which means exactly half of the components are online and half of the components are on campus, might create a study burden on students through traveling to the campus and other requirements of classroom study. This can create an unfavorable situation whereby online courses could be neglected due to the more immersed experience that classroom study provides. Students must be prepared to deal with these situations. Being organized and overwhelmingly responsible are keys to mastering split semesters in hybrid courses. It is also critical to become fully aware of what professors expect out of split semester students. This means that students should go out of their way to meet with online professors in order to determine their quality standards.

Is a 100% Online MBA Better or Worse?

Determining what is “better” is truly a subjective matter and can best be answered by the student himself. Online study grants the student with considerable cost reductions as typical fare won’t be create an additional financial strain, which might include travel and accommodation expenses. However, it is truly different in that professors won’t be regularly available to assist with problems and the lack of a social atmosphere may inhibit a student’s personal development. A hybrid course could answer both of these potential problems, but will incur additional costs in study. It is up to the student to decide what is best!

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