2 Tips to Get a Persuasive Online MBA Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are of critical importance to students who wish to enroll in an online MBA. They briefly outline why a student ought to be accepted into a program and what graduating from the program will do for them. With such high levels of importance placed on them, it is crucial for students to source them from reputable individuals who will offer words of wisdom for academic judging panels to consider. However, what should a student keep in mind while securing a blinding letter of recommendation?

Tip #1: Understand the Audience of an Online MBA Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are not written for general praise or common purposes. They are written with the sole intention of impressing an academic judging panel. This means that students should be able to source recommendation from those who understand the audience that they are writing for. It is of little to no concern if a student was a pleasure to be around at a recent office party, but rather the writer should be focused on the student’s productivity and how he contributes to the overall welfare of the company as a whole.

Writers should also be able to tailor their letters for the student’s overall career outlook. If a student would be able to progress on to Presidential or CFO levels, then these aspects of the student should be diligently highlighted. However, the writer should also be able to exercise restraint, such as refraining from openly denouncing the student as only being capable of entry-level positions in any given company. Any level of wit or personal humor should be avoided as academic readers may hold the student accountable for what writers say of them. Likewise, overwhelming praise may be held against the student throughout study if he is unable to perform at suggested levels.

Tip #2: Understand the Subject an Online MBA Letter of Recommendation

The student should always seek a writer should knows him intimately on a professional basis. References that stem from a personal relationship, which might include friends or family, may be held as biased and rejected. For this reason, students should seek letters of recommendation from previous supervisors or employers. It is important for writers to be able to highlight information that is of importance to an academic reader. These aspects might include time management skills, the ability to work independently, and interpersonal skills. Praising a student’s study skills can be a great way to impress an academic audience!

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