3 Mistakes Online MBA Students Make

Undertaking academic study through distance or online means can pose several distinct disadvantages on students. One of the most common pitfalls students experience is not being fully motivated enough to prioritize deadlines and budget time appropriately. It is a common hindrance for many students who were educated through typical public schools in many societies. This is because many students have become accustomed to a teacher’s guidance with regards to deadlines and semi-frequent reminders as to due dates as they approach. This often isn’t available in an online program! However, this is not to say that all mistakes are rooted in customs and previous experiences.

Mistake #1: Not Becoming Familiar with Online MBA Technology

It is important for students to become familiar with what is expected of them as early as possible. This means coming to grips with the various technologies that students will use in a typical online MBA program.

One of the most common technologies available to students in online education is known as “blackboard”. This is a web interface that provides an all-in-one solution to professor and student interaction. Students will access course material and lecture notes from professors from the blackboard interface and act on what is presented in the material, such as completing assignments for later deposit in a “blackboard drop box” or posting replies in discussion forum threads. Its usage can be somewhat tricky when students are first exposed to it, so it should be a top priority for newcomers in online study to become aware of its functions and how they operate.

Mistake #2: Not Organizing Online MBA Study Time Appropriately

Students should be prepared to devote a minimum of three hours in studying on a daily basis. This should be seen as a bare minimum requirement in post-secondary online education and doesn’t include any incidental requirements of students that might suddenly pop up, such as discussion threads requiring an immediate response or pop quizzes. It is therefore important for students to keep on top of their study schedule and be able to adapt to sudden changes.

Mistake #3: Not Dedicating an Area in the Home Towards Online MBA Studying

Students who have set up a dedicated area in their homes that is used solely for study often experience enhanced levels of material retention and efficiency when compared to students who simply study in their bedrooms or social areas. This is because having a dedicated space sets a “mood” that encourages studying and schoolwork. It is important to use this space solely for studying and avoid potential distractions!


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  1. It is definately a mistake when you don’t organize your time right, you have to have a lot of self discipline!

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