3 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in an Online MBA

There are several questions that prospective students ought to ask of themselves before enrolling in an online MBA. The standard questions such as “will I succeed?”, “is the course within my budget?”, and “is the course reputable?” all come to mind, but there are often questions that go unnoticed by students. These questions can be the most critical of all.

Question #1: Is My Online MBA Cost Effective?

This question is not to say that online education is a cheaper means towards a degree. While they do offer considerable savings, these savings should not be found in reduced tuition costs or materials. A reputable school will offer online education that is either identical or comparable in cost to traditional campus study. Students who notice a severe increase or decrease in prices when compared to campus study should flag the prospective school as questionable before committing to a program of study.

Question #2: Will My Online MBA Support Me?

As per most methods of study, there is little to no support given for personal circumstances beyond extreme family grievances or other life changing circumstances. The MBA is a rigid and intensive course that aims to apply graduate knowledge in a shorter time frame. Students should therefore expect to be occupied with their degree studies for much of their available time. This might mean sacrificing social pleasures in aims of pursuing academia. It also means that family dynamics could change during the course of study through lack of free time.

A traditional online MBA might not be the best option for some students. In different circumstances, students may want to investigate specialized options that are available to them. These specializations include accelerated MBA degrees that offer a degree on a more intensive basis or an EMBA that appeals to corporate executives already involved in a demanding professional setting.

Question #3: What Exactly Will My Online MBA Do for Me?

The MBA is an excellent academic qualification that opens many doors in a professional business world, but is it what a student needs? Some students may find that certificate study is all that’s needed to further advance their careers and professional lives. Full degree study should only be undertaken if a student knows exactly what he expects out of acquiring the degree. These expectations may be satisfied by a certificate, which is offered more quickly due to it being a single component award.

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