3 Reasons You Should Not Get an MBA Degree

There are many proponents of graduate studies who profess the value and worth of acquiring the Master of Business Administration degree. However, there are also many advocates who speak against higher education. This often leaves students in disarray for what their next step should be in terms of their future careers. While an undergraduate degree is certainly not worthless, undergraduate students are at an all time high, so a Bachelor’s degree isn’t as valuable as it was twenty or so years ago when there were fewer University students. Many undergraduate students have left school after acquiring their Bachelor’s degree and have led successful lives in the world of business, so having an online MBA degree shouldn’t be considered the “Holy Grail” of the business world per se. The following reasons should be considered if a student is opting-out of further study or studying by distance.

Online MBA Degrees Have No Guarantee

The Master of Business Administration degree is as variable as the business world itself and does not come with any guarantees of future employment. While acquiring an education usually ends in a success story, studies conducted in the United Kingdom have shown that only 74% of University students find themselves employed within three years of leaving school. This leaves a considerably high margin of 26% for failure and a personal investment through education may never be recovered.

Online MBA Degrees Constantly Evolve

Business studies continually adapts to current economic and social climates, so the education that a student receives one year may not be wholly applicable in the next. It is for this reason that business students should aim to be employed as quickly as possible after graduation to ensure their degree’s relevancy in a current business world. However, this isn’t always possible as studies have shown. A need for continued education has risen in the business world and those concerned about their degree’s relevancy can attend “”booster”” courses so that their education is able to be refreshed and refined throughout a student’s lifetime.

Online MBA Degrees May Carry Additional Expenses

Business studies courses are often very expensive to undertake. This is because there are several incidental costs that arise through the need to purchase relevant and current reading material. Many Master of Business Administration courses also require students to participate in an internship during the course of their study. These internships can be in remote locations away from the student’s community where he is studying by distance, so travel and accommodation costs can quickly amass and become beyond what a student is capable of handling.

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