3 Steps to Converting Attic Space into Usable Online MBA Study Space

Students who are new to the world of studying online are often unsure of just exactly where they will conduct their day-to-day studying. Many students typically opt for bedrooms or living areas with computers and other social technology, but this can be a mistake! This is because shared space does not contain the same atmosphere as dedicated space that is strictly used for studying.

When bedrooms and living areas are not available for dedicated use, it is quite possible to convert an attic space into a functional study area. However, students must take the appropriate steps in order to ensure that their renovations don’t turn into disasters.

Step #1: Assess Space for an Online MBA Study Area

Attic space typically comes in two shapes representative of the roof, which are respectively known as “A” and “W” shapes. W shape rooms are typically unusable as the additional supports and struts cannot be modified or moved into a more convenient location. Doing so will cause the roof to collapse if the weight is not balanced! For this reason, A shape attics are typically easiest to renovate as long as there is adequate walking space underneath the horizontal supports.

Once students have determined that an attic is appropriate for conversion, then it is up to them to ensure that a conversion is covered by a building permit or other legal regulation in their area. Students should consult with their city hall in order to assess building permit requirements related to internal structure modification.

Step #2: Gather Materials for an Online MBA Study Area

When a development is ready to be made, then it is high time to gather the materials from local home hardware stores. Materials typically required for an attic conversion include wall panels, insulation, and a flooring option. Linoleum typically works well in an attic setting as it is suitable for high traffic and is water resistant. It is also important to source a licensed electrical contractor to carry out electrical extensions and lighting construction to safe standards.

Step #3: Construct Online MBA Study Space

Students should begin by filling open wall spaces with insulation and paneling the appearance into a more aesthetically pleasing design. Roof panels may also be added to mask unsightly discolored wood or multi-tone construction materials used in the roof construction.

Before laying down a floor option, students should allow an electrical contractor to carry out electrical installations in the attic space, which include installing wall outlets and lighting fixtures. Once this is completed, then the flooring can be laid and the office space can be furnished.

Students should aim to keep their furnishings to a minimum and only use what is required for their studying. This can include a computer, office desk and chair, and other light accents such as a silk floral arrangement.

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