3 Steps to Delivering an Effective Online MBA Group Presentation

Group presentations are uncharted territory when it comes to online study. They are very rare to see, but some professors are known to insist on them throughout the course of study. Online presentations do more than just assess the student’s ability to deliver a presentation. Time management and technological know-how will either be the rise or fall of the student, so it is important for the student to maintain his computer hardware throughout the program if online presentations are a requirement. It is also important for students to know how to deliver an online presentation.

Step #1: Planning an Online MBA Presentation

Preliminary planning stages in an online group presentation often require the group to elect a team leader. This leader should be known for his abilities in computer maintenance as the leader should be equipped with continually updated notes, slides, and other materials necessary for the online presentation.

In a distance education option, it is also wise to draft a team charter. This charter will outline the responsibilities of each group member and detail the necessities of collaboration. This could be through chat rooms, e-mail, or discussion forums. The charter should also outline times when all group members will be available online, which should be agreed upon prior to drafting it.

Group charters should also outline penalties for lack of completion or participation. These can be a lifesaver when a team leader has to intervene in a team dispute as the charter can be the final reference that solves disputes immediately and implements disciplinary action without significant downtime.

Step #2: Preparation for an Online MBA Presentation

Once the planning phase has been completed, then it is time for the team to participate as outlined in the charter and harvest material for use in the presentation. The majority of this work will be done by each team member individually, but it is important for each member to pull his weight and contribute to the presentation as required by the charter.

Step #3: Practicing an Online MBA Presentation

The practice phase should include several “dry runs” where each team member makes himself available online in order to test webcams, microphones, and other devices that are required to deliver the presentation. If possible, these devices should be tested using the interface that the professor deems necessary in order to ensure complete compatibility on presentation day.

The old adage is “practice makes perfect” and this is especially true in an online group environment. Given the advances in technology that are still rapidly expanding on a daily basis, students should aim to practice their material as often as possible in order to address any challenges that might arise out of using such an evolving platform.

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