3 Tips for Writing Your Online MBA Application Essay

The application essay is a critical component of an online MBA application. In short, it s a brief two to three page outline that details why I student wishes to be considered to study. However, many students find it to be a tremendous stumbling block. While writing about one’s self isn’t the easiest of tasks, it can be made more manageable and the end result can impress just about any judging panel. It is important to remember that persuasive writing requires the writer to sway others into believing an objective opinion. With this in mind, the following are three top tips for writing an application essay:

Tip #1: Remember The Audience of an Online MBA Application

Writing an application essay isn’t simple a matter of the writer tooting his own horn. The primary concern of an application essay is persuading the reader into accepting the writer into their program of study. It is important for the writer to always consider who will be reading his work. The essay should be specifically tailored to the reader with frequent interaction that concerns the reader, which could include statements such as "You will find noted on my resume" and "Your concern is of the utmost importance". Engaging the reader in the application essay will greatly improve the chances of being selected as it shows personalization and forethought.

Tip #2: Highlight Relevant Experience in an Online MBA Application

Influences are undoubtedly important factors to bring up in an application essay, but they shouldn’t be the main focus. Writing about relevant professional experience can be a great way to impress the judging panel; especially when the application essay cross-references with the student’s resume. Professional experience in an executive or managerial setting is a great way to impress a judging panel as most instances show experience outweighing potential pitfalls, which might include a lower GPA or poor score on a GMAT.

Tip #3: Proofread an Online MBA Application Essay

There is a high importance given to sentence syntax and grammar when it comes to a MBA program. This is mostly observed in the GMAT, which scores a candidate’s written prose using an automatic algorithm. However, human readers greatly appreciate the time given to ensuring an essay is both readable and formatted correctly as per national standards. It goes without saying than an essay filled with several fragments and misspelled words won’t likely be read and may cause the student to be rejected from the program.

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