3 Traps Fake Online MBA Schools Set to Lure You

It is an unfortunate reality that some students will become victims of academic fraud. The ease of setting up a website and credit card payment systems entices would-be fraudsters into a world of crime and dishonesty. However, there are telltale traps that fake online MBA schools set. They are easy to detect and even harder for fraudsters to avoid setting! If a student spots any of the following traps, then the online MBA school should be discarded and no program of study should be undertaken.

Trap #1: Online MBA Degrees Are Cheap!

Perhaps the most appealing way to entice victims of academic fraud is to offer them courses at a significantly discounted rate. This is the most basic trap! Online study is no different to campus based study in terms of tuition and material costs, so students should never go into a course of study under the impression that it is a considerable reduction in tuition cost over physically going to school. No reputable academic institution would offer online study at a considerably reduced rate over campus study, so students should not be under the impression that they will be able to pad a savings account with their tuition cost reductions in an online environment.

Trap #2: Online MBA Degrees Are Easy!

Another simple way to entice victims of academic fraud is to appeal to mankind’s natural aversion of difficulty. After all, being able to get a degree with little to no effort is certainly a pleasing prospect, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Online study presents its own set of unique challenges on top of what a typical student might experience in campus study. Success in online study requires the student to be very independent and able to prioritize tasks in terms of their importance. It is also important for online students to be able to juggle social and academic requirements without a professor’s intervention. None of these requirements are easy!

Trap #3: Online MBA Degrees Are Quick!

While accelerated study does exist as a specialist degree option, general online MBA programs will require a typical two year study period as with traditional campus study. Many fraudsters lure students in by stating their programs are quicker than campus study and can reward them with a degree in a matter of months. However, it is important to discern the difference between specialist degrees and clean cut fraud. Specialist degrees exist to accomplish a certain function, which could include speed in an accelerated degree or reduced workload due to prior professional commitments in an EMBA. Fraudsters typically offer standard components and workload and state their program will be generally quicker to complete. This isn’t the case for most students in a standard online MBA program!

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