4 Common MBA Interview Questions and Topics

The interview is a critical stage of a MBA application. It is likely that a student has satisfied the academic panel’s prerequisites if he is being invited to an interview, so it is not the time to make mistakes! Besides observing standard interview practices such as being well-dressed and on time, there are other considerations to make in the form of questions and answers. There are several standard topics of discussion, but there are four common areas that almost always come up during a MBA interview session. They are as follows:

Topic #1: Previous Education and an Online MBA

Previous education is often a critical topic of discussion during a MBA interview. This might be a focal point of discussion if a student is transferring to another institution or has had a considerable lapse in education since undergraduate study. It is therefore important for students to prepare several stock answers to typical questions that might arise, which might include "What school did you attend and why did you choose that one" and "Why did you select the major that you did".

Topic #2: Professional Experience and an Online MBA

Another frequently discussed topic during a MBA interview is the student’s professional experience. This might be an aggressive focal point if the student is able to demonstrate experience in a managerial or executive setting. Students should therefore be prepared to give a detailed account of their working lives, which should include a chronological timeline of their progression throughout the professional world. Students should also be prepared to discuss what they find challenging about working in their current role and their recent successes and failures.

Topic #3: Extra-Professional Activities and an Online MBA

A lesser discussed topic in many MBA interviews is the student’s extra-professional life. This could include hobbies and activities that are done outside of the workplace. However, students should not spend considerable lengths preparing answers for questions that could arise in this topic. Extra-professional activities are often used as "icebreakers" to set the mood in a more friendly light rather than being a focal point throughout the interview.

Topic #4: Integrity and an Online MBA

Perhaps one of the most difficult topics to prepare for involves questions concerning the student’s integrity and moral character. These questions are often used sparingly, but do cause some level of confusion and conflict that surrounds what a student ought to say to impress and what a student truly believes. It is important to remain honest throughout the interview process. Answers given throughout the interview are likely responses that will stick with the academic panel throughout the student’s course of study!

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