4 Myths About Online MBA Programs

The world of online study is filled with myths and legends that often prevent many able and potentially successful students from entering its realm. Some of these myths are completely false whereas others hold some truth. However, students can rest assured that myths are exactly that – myths. The following are four of the most commonly circulated myths surrounding online MBA programs and their potential worth to students.

Myth #1: Online MBA Degrees Are Easy to Get Into

Many students feel online MBAs have little to no worth in education because they’re too easy to get into. This is completely false. Accredited online education is equally vetted in comparison to traditional classroom study and some students even experience a more stringent vetting process in order to establish their prowess for independent study without the constant presence of a professor. It is said that those who study by distance are more motivated and disciplined over those who study in the classroom, so online candidates should not be ruled out because of the preconceived notion of easy availability.

Myth #2: Online MBA Degrees Are Easy to Pass

One of the most popular myths surrounding online study in all areas is that they’re easier to pass than traditional classroom study. This is again false. Online courses are typically delivered to the same standards as what a student might experience in the classroom and many courses do not show preferential treatment due to the rigors of online learning. Students who are accepted into online courses are expected to display equal levels of ability to their classroom counterparts without the professor’s guidance throughout the course of study.

Myth #3: Online MBA Degrees Have No Worth to Employers

Perhaps one of the most devastating myths surrounding online study is that there is no future worth to employers. This could be due to a combination of the first and second aforementioned myths, but it could also be ascribed to ignorance. Many aging businessmen have yet to experience the true value of online education. This could lead to stubbornness among elderly employers who feel that classroom study is the only appropriate method of delivery. It is comforting to report that very few candidates routinely experience problems due to their online education so long as the course is accredited and delivered by a recognized institution.

Myth #4: Online MBA Degrees Have No Social Experience

Online study is naturally disadvantageous to those who wish to have a social life throughout their learning experience. However, that is not to say there is no social availability at all. Online social networking mediums often provide excellent starting points for like minded students to meet and share experiences regarding their study and online learning ventures. While the social experience gained from online learning is different, it is not to say that there is absolutely no social experience whatsoever.

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