4 Surprising Ways an MBA Can Be Useful to Anyone’s Career

November 10, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

It is typical knowledge that to advance in the business world you must get an MBA. It trains students in typical business skills such as economics, finance, marketing, management, accounting, operations and general business leader attributes such as communication, leadership and teamwork. However, it is also common misconception to narrowly define the business world in terms of finance and Wall Street. There are thousands of types of businesses, and each have their own products and markets; mainstream, niche or otherwise.

The vast diversity of the business-sphere makes having an MBA useful to anyone looking to climb the ladder at work because there are some skills that are universally useful. If you are on the fence about whether or not to proceed with the degree, here are a few reasons to stick to the path.

What You Can Learn from an MBA

  1. Soft skills such as leadership, teamwork and communications are essential in any career. The most sought-after employees are the ones that can claim competency in leadership roles, comfortableness in a team environment, and fluency and clarity of communication. If you are in charger of any number of projects, big or small, whether they be an online marketing campaign, a holiday fundraiser event, or a restructuring of a department, you must be able to work easily with those around you and communicate your vision and ideas clearly and confidently – and to truly shine you need to be able to take control of a situation.
  2. To climb the ladder, you must be able to do management. The core of business leadership is in management, and the way to move up the ladder to a higher position that is both better-paid and more crucial to the company you must be able to competently manage projects, teams, and initiatives. The MBA will provide you the tools that can better improve your management skills and you will be able to take that next step in your company.
  3. You can understand the bigger picture, and how everything fits together. Many say that the best business owners are those who are jack of all trades, good at a little bit of everything. By learning about business structure in every aspect you will have a greater understanding of different internal departments work, their limitations, their potential, and how you can work together to be even more efficient.
  4. Networking is key to all professional advancement; and in business school, like it or not, you are likely to meet classmates that will help you further your career. You can meet a wide range of people who have multiple perspectives on an issues and can give you insight into your own career, where you are going, and how to get there.

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