5 Reasons to Volunteer While Getting Your MBA

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While in graduate school it might seem that your life is so full of classes and books you have no time for anything else. You may feel you can barely keep up with other life obligations, never mind taking on entirely new ones! However, don’t underestimate the advantages of making the extra effort of volunteering while studying. It is very much worth your while, and here are five reasons to convince you.

Why Volunteering is Worth It

  1. You can meet people that matter. There are many kinds of people who run and participate in volunteering programs or organizations. While volunteering you have a chance to meet intelligent and effective leaders of their communities. These are people you want to know and be influenced by – and you get to show them what you can do before you start calling them about business.
  2. Practice skills you already have doing things you enjoy. For example, have you planned events before, done accounting, or just enjoy art or children? Use the skills you already have doing what you have always liked to do. Who knows – they may be important to future enterprises, so do not let them go to waste. Also, by practicing a hobby, craft or skill you like, even for a short while, you will have a better, more balanced life.
  3. On the flip side of the previous tidbit of advice; through volunteering you can also learn skills you have always wanted to learn. Say you are interested in strategy or governance; or wish to improve your public speaking. Volunteer and get the training or experience you want.
  4. Add meaning to your life, and an outlet where you can find self-satisfaction. After all of your most mentally draining classes, a little bit of work that provides happiness and makes you feel good will always be worth it. Not only that, but you can take refuge in making a positive impact on something you feel passion for when the world – and school – brings you down.
  5. Finally, most employers like volunteering on a resume. If you have worked in volunteering and made your way up the totem pole to interesting positions that required significant skills, you not only gain an advantage as a someone who has already proven they have both motivation and integrity, but you also can show off the skills you learned there. If you only focus on class and grades, you have far less opportunities in which you can illustrate the various qualities an employer wants, such as professionalism, efficiency, goal-orientation and creativity.

So for your own benefit, don’t get too sucked into a class-only mentality. Broaden your experiences and your life with volunteering and you can cultivate a happier life – while still keeping an eye on your future.

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