5 Steps to Apply for an Online MBA Scholarship or Grant

Online MBA applications for scholarships and grants typically follow the same process as traditional campus-based scholarships and grants. However, it is important to note that students may not be eligible for all of the available options for scholarship funding. This is because online study is usually regarded as “part time” studying, which is not in line with most scholarships requiring the student being enrolled in a “full time” program. When eligibility can be established, then the student can follow five steps to applying for a scholarship or grant to use in their online MBA program:

Step #1: Research an Online MBA Scholarship or Grant

It is important for students to do this at the earliest possible convenience in order to avoid delays that could push applications beyond deadlines or slow down the payment process. If students have access to their campus, then it is often wise to check with the University’s student services to see if they have any access to online MBA scholarships and grants. It is likely that these applications will be bundled in with other general scholarship applications, so students must be prepared to sift through them in order to find applications that directly relate to online study. If access to a campus facility is not available, then the Internet can often reap suitable information for students.

Step #2: Organize Suitable Online MBA Scholarship or Grant Applications

Once the student has harvested suitable applications, then it is often prudent to organize them into an accessible file that is easy to find and within reach. It is also wise to highlight the application’s due date with a bright highlight pen. This will help students prioritize applications in terms of their due dates and will prevent an unnecessary work in the event an expired application is filled in.

Step #3: Highlight Life Experience on an Online MBA Scholarship or Grant Application

While academic prowess is undoubtedly important, it is also important to highlight general life experience. This will give judging panels a more well-rounded opinion of what kind of person the student is when not involved in academics. This is a time to list clubs, societies, and other memberships. Students may also list extra-curricular activities. If neither of these are available, then the student can resort to listing constructive hobbies and general activities.

Step #4: Complete Additional Requirements of an Online MBA Scholarship or Grant Applications

If application essays or other requirements are needed of the student, then it is important for students to ensure that these are completed and thoroughly proofread. It is not possible to skip over these little extras as judging panels will immediately disqualify incomplete applications!

Step #5: Mail in Online MBA Scholarship or Grant Applications

Seal completed applications in an envelope and attach postage stamps in the correct value. Mail in the application. Good luck!

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