A Typical Online MBA Curriculum

A typical online MBA curriculum is divided into two main requirements of study: core components and elective components. It is through completion of these requirements that students will amass the credits needed to be awarded with an online MBA. While the program is primarily focused on business, there are often components that students were unaware of prior to enrolling. It is important to become familiar with what’s required as being unprepared can be quite costly in terms of academic performance!

Typical Core Components of an Online MBA Program

Students who aspire to become business administrators often focus on a wide variety of disciplines throughout their online MBA program. The lack of a more centralized focus when compared to other more singular programs, such as accounting or computer science, can be quite a benefit to some and quite a burden to others! However, it is important to note that students will always be involved in some business-related field throughout their program, but the types of businesses that the components apply themselves to can greatly differ.

Throughout study, students will study a core curriculum of mathematics, applied accounting, economics, strategy, marketing, leadership, management, and negotiations. This is certainly a diverse program of study and students will be rewarded with the the practical knowledge to succeed in most areas of business administration. However, there is also scope for students to become more specialized in areas that they find interesting on a more personal level. This is fulfilled through electives.

Typical Elective Components of an Online MBA Program

Elective components greatly depend on what a student wishes to pursue upon graduation. They are typically divided into fields of employment, which can include components related to finance, IT, healthcare, and sales. Many online MBA students gravitate towards components in investment banking, but there have been growing demands in other areas that has driven students away from this "pigeonhole" of an opportunity. One field that is sharply on the modern rise is information technology, which includes components in e-business, web development, and hardware security. There are several opportunities available for students who simply wish to pursue fields that they find interesting!

What Curriculum Should I Choose for my Online MBA Program?

There is no set way to answer this question. While students will all be required to sit credits in core components to be awarded with a MBA, the opportunities to become proficient in a field of interest or opportunity are boundless. It is very likely that students will find something of personal interest to them and will be able to pursue it throughout their MBA program.

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