AACSB Accredited Online MBA with No GMAT Required

AACSB accreditation is an academic standard of excellence. The accreditation standard was first founded in 1916 under the mission that high quality education can be formed through accreditation and thoughtful leadership. Modern times have confirmed the requirement of accreditation due to fraudulent institutions and questionable educational standards, but institutions themselves are also becoming more modern.

Standardized tests have been a critical requirement of prospective managerial students. One of these tests it he GMAT. The Graduate Management Admission Test scores students based on their responses to computerized questions and judges them on a sliding scale, which sees higher scores corresponding to correct answers on more difficult questions. This can be a great way to gauge students before they begin their course of study, but it is also subject to its own criticism. Poor performance on a student’s testing day can immediately disqualify them before they have the chance to prove themselves in study. However, standardized tests are being abandoned by many institutions who favor professional experience over test responses. This thought has led to several AACSB accredited options for online study that do not require the student to sit a GMAT test.

What can Not Sitting a GMAT Test Mean for My Online MBA Program?

Being exempt from a GMAT can be important to student on several levels. The most important aspect to consider is common pre-test nervousness. Many students report feeling under pressure to perform when faced with a difficult test and may not produce the best quality of work that they possibly can. This can lead to poor test scores, which can reduce a student’s chance for admission and reduce both confidence and self-esteem. It’s unfortunate that several otherwise able students have been rejected due to poor GMAT performance, which is why many institutions are dropping the requirement of GMAT testing for their online MBA programs and replacing it with the prerequisite of professional experience. However, which of these institutions also fall under AACSB accreditation?

So, What are Some Examples Of AACSB Accredited Online MBA Programs That Don’t Require a GMAT?

It is fortunate that students have several options when it comes to online MBA programs that don’t require a GMAT. It’s even more fortunate that several of these fall into AACSB accreditation! A few of these institutions include:

  • Babson College
  • University System of Georgia
  • Northeastern University
  • Syracuse University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Scranton

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