Advantages and Disadvantages of an Online MBA

Online learning carries with it a number of different advantages and disadvantages. It is important for prospective students to thoroughly examine these potential stumbling blocks in order to come to a more well-rounded vision of online learning. It is also important to discern whether or not online study is for them. Coming to grips with the advantages and disadvantages of online study will help inform the student if their abilities are appropriate for the learning method.

Advantages of Online MBA Degrees

Online study appeals to students who do not yearn for a social life. That is not to say that there is no social life whatsoever, but rather the social life is limited in terms of its availability and how it is able to be delivered to the student. There are no large cliques of friends who are ready and waiting to hit the town when it comes to online study. This could be a potential disadvantage to some, but it also affords the student with a much greater focus on studies as typical college distractions are not outwardly applicable to the student.

Online study is also very cost-effective, which business students often report as greatly appealing. Residence fees and stationery costs are often kept to an absolute minimum as they don’t become a spiraling charge for students. Students are often able to stay in their homes without needing to relocate nearer to the campus to complete their course of study, which reaps significant housing savings. Students might also report a reduction in insurance and utility costs as rental residents may not be regarded as high-risk due to their student status.

Disadvantages of Online MBA Degrees

Online study requires students to be incredibly self-motivated going into the course. This is because a professor is not regularly available to offer feedback to students regarding their performance. If this is something that a student prefers in his course, then online study may not be right for him. However, grooming the qualities of self-motivation often reaps later reward in the world of business as showing initiative is often rewarded by employers. Students must also be available to work to stringent deadlines, so procrastination must be quickly worked out and rigid schedules must be followed at all times to ensure timely coursework submission in aims of reducing late penalties.

Students may also experience silent discrimination when it comes to their education. An online MBA may not show as much worth to employers as a traditional classroom MBA due to the method of delivery and ignorance surrounding this newly emerging method of learning. However, these instances are minimal so long as a student sticks to an accredited course delivered by a recognizable institution.

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