Alliances and Partnerships: An Elective Online MBA Course

The Master of Business Administration degree is open to several elective possibilities. One of these electives is known as Alliances and Partnerships. The course is strategic in nature and appeals to students who have excelled in similar strategic components, such as marketing strategy or corporate strategy. In being an elective component, it is not required of students, but is otherwise an interesting venture for students who wish to become more deeply involved with strategic planning or similar aspects of business administration. So, what is required of students during the course?

What is Typically Involved in an Alliances and Partnerships Online MBA Course?

Alliances and partnerships are on the rise in business as a whole. They offer businesses with joint interests that include combining resources and sharing customer bases. This joining allows businesses to share successes without the risk of public resistance or power struggles between two rivaling businesses. Both alliances and partnerships can establish very profitable business ventures when each party’s interests are combined into one overall mission, which allows each party to contribute directly to the success of the alliance.

Students who are interested in studying the alliances and partnerships elective will be exposed to several different topics of discussion. Besides the basic fundamentals of an alliance or a partnership, students will also be exposed to key negotiation tactics. These include selecting a partner to form an alliance with along with closing the deal, which in itself encompasses distinct traits such as etiquette, mannerisms, and body language.

Students will also be taught how to foster healthy relationships between alliances and partnerships, but there is usually a stronger focus on partnership drift and the risks involved when entering an alliance. While this might appear to be pessimistic on the surface, any prudent business administrator should be prepared for the worst possible scenario and these are given to the student through instruction and course material.

Is the Alliances and Partnerships Elective an Easy Choice for my Online MBA Program?

Answering this question depends entirely on the student. Students who are more well-versed in strategic thought and planning are likely to find the course both easy and exciting. This is because the material is often delivered in an engaging and thought provoking manner. However, this does not mean that students who aren’t as skilled in strategy won’t succeed. It just might require a little extra work and time devoted to mastering the material!

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