Are Online MBA Degrees Reputable?

Business students searching for a way to further progress with their career often consider online MBA degrees. While the majority of students complete their programs successfully and advance on to bigger and better things with their careers, there are many students who struggle to get themselves started with their MBA. This is mainly because of reputation. An institution’s reputation is often difficult to come to terms with, but there are a few tell tale signs that students can discover before enrolling in a course of study.

Does The Online MBA Come From A Reputable Domain?

As schools move into a virtual environment, many Universities are beginning to offer online MBAs. However, with so many institutions claiming to be schools, there is often a gross misunderstanding that all education is created equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. In many countries, accredited schools may apply for a specialist web domain. For example, in the United States this domain is “”.edu””. There are other schools in comparison who offer similar courses in the United States, but advertise websites ending in “.com” or “.net”. Students can immediately rule out these schools as their programs are not accredited at the time of advertisement and may not reward the student with a recognizable qualification upon graduation. There’s no reason to study if you’re not going to be employable in the end!

Does The Online MBA Have Educational Presence?

Once a student has established that a course is indeed accredited, then he should investigate the University’s brand identity. That is how well it is known to the general public. Lesser known schools should best be avoided as the lack of information surrounding it may exclude a job candidate based on a lack of established educational integrity. It is also best to be wary of schools that advertise in the mass media too heavily. The University of Phoenix, while accredited, has a reputation of offering lower quality education at a higher cost to the consumer to cover excessive advertising costs. This could potentially ruin a candidate’s chances at a higher executive business position with their newly acquired MBA.

Has The Online MBA Come Personally Recommended?

Becoming educated is ultimately a word of mouth pursuit. The best schools for certain candidates are those that come personally recommended as it is likely that the recommending party received a good education at said school that led to employment afterward. A MBA’s reputable state could be established on this fact alone. After all, the best education is something that will reap future reward, and friends can provide a great insight towards what can be a great education.

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