Are the Official Online MBA Program Rankings Valid?

Prospective online MBA students often wonder if their education will truly be the best it can possibly be in terms of academic status and the quality of education. This has prompted a need for official ranking systems, which have been compiled at various sources on the Internet and in printed media.

What are Ranking Systems and How can they Affect my Online MBA Program?

Rankings systems were designed with the student in mind. The creator of the system amasses a series of schools and their respective programs, then ranks them according to a certain criterion, which might include how cost-effective the program is or what program offers the best job prospects upon graduation. The results are then presented accordingly and students can utilize the results as a way of selecting an appropriate online MBA program to meet a specific need. It is usually not difficult to read the results as presented by the ranking systems as many use a conventional “top ten” style list, which ranks institutions from most favorable to least favorable.

Would Using a Ranking System be a Wise Move for my Online MBA Program?

There are different schools of thought when it comes to using an online MBA ranking system. Many students who base their academic decisions are often pleased with their results, but there is no way to be certain that the results presented on an online ranking system are valid and true. Many ranking systems could also be subject to private advertising bids from nationally accredited institutions. This can result in a ranking system being skewed into presenting lower quality institutions as being the best available option, which could wreak havoc on a student’s professional future upon graduation. Private bids can even skew a ranking system into presenting a diploma mill or other fraudulent academic institution as the best available option. This can potentially expose the student to financially devastating situations where the student invests in a program of study only to receive a qualification that has no weight in the professional world.

Should I Adhere to Official Ranking Systems for my Online MBA Program?

The short answer to this question is “no”. While ranking systems can provide some insight in terms of what is available, it is not a solid foundation upon which to build academic decisions. Students will find more relevant and accurate knowledge through word of mouth references and information in national media that targets specific Universities and programs.

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