Average Starting Salary for Online MBA Students

It is said that education is a key deciding factor in determining the salary levels that employees will receive in their professional lifetime. Salary is said to exponentially increase with rises in education, so this means that an online MBA student should receive salary levels equivalent to that of any other Master’s degree level student in the field. However, is this always the case?

Average Salary Determined by Experience over Online MBA Education

In today’s business climate, employers are often hiring based on experience levels rather than education. This does not mean that a strong academic foundation has no place in the professional world, but rather it is often being overlooked by candidates who possess experience. Salary levels can fluctuate depending on what experience a candidate can bring to the table. This means that students should seek internship opportunities as a part of their online MBA program. These will considerably enhance salary levels upon graduation as experience can be built alongside academic learning; rather than leaving experience to build itself after completing an online MBA program.

So, What is the Typical Average Salary for Online MBA Graduates?

Answering this question is difficult at this present moment and time. There are a range of factors to consider in determining an average salary rate for online MBA graduates. Internships, GPA, and associated academic awards are all factors that can skew a salary rate for candidates.

The profession itself can also determine an average salary rate for online MBA graduates. According to PayScale.com, online MBA graduates who find themselves employed in the human resources field are said to earn an average salary in the range of $51,287 – $76,535 USD. This is in sharp contrast to professionals working in finance. According to PayScale.com, professionals in the finance field can earn up to $168,874 on average using their online MBA.

The school itself also affects an average salary earning, which could possibly be attributed to degree over saturation. For example, graduates of the University of Phoenix are known to earn an average salary in the range of $48,026 – $82,574. This limited salary average can immediately be improved by attending DeVry; whose students are said to earn an average salary range between $54,472 – $111,991!

It is for these reasons that an average salary cannot be attributed to graduates of online MBA programs. There are far too many factors that can alter what students receive in terms of an average salary. However, salary increases are likely to be observed in most cases, so the initial investment cost in self-improvement and education may quickly be recovered!

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