Browser Toolbars for Your Online MBA Program

Browser toolbars are a great convenience for students in an online MBA program. They provide several integral Internet services in one easy to find location, so as to enhance operating efficiency and online usage. They are available for a wide variety of browsers, but the greatest amount of toolbars are available for the two most popular web browsers in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Google Toolbar for an Online MBA Program

Google’s web toolbar was one of the first and rapidly became one of the most popular web toolbar choices for use. It offers users a chance to integrate their email account and other Google services with a functional toolbar that performs web searches using the Google search engine. It is available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer with a minimal download. Once the download is complete, users should see a “Google” branded toolbar below the address bar on their web browser. Typing a search query into the toolbar will perform a web search and automatically direct the user to search results.

Yahoo Toolbar for an Online MBA Program

Another contender in the web toolbar race is Yahoo’s brand of toolbar. It is similar in its functions and operations when compared to Google toolbar, but also comes with an added spyware detector and deterrent for users of Internet Explorer. This small addition can greatly enhance a user’s protection while surfing the Internet and offers comparable levels of performance versus the Google toolbar. It is definitely worth looking at if a student primarily uses Internet Explorer!

Are Toolbars Safe for Online MBA Programs?

Web toolbars have experienced a recent decline in usage in recent years. This is because web toolbars are notorious platforms for virus and spyware distribution through malicious coders who develop fraudulent toolbars. It is therefore important for students to ensure that they download web toolbars from a reputable source and remain within recognized stable companies, which include Google and Yahoo. Other lesser known names might not offer the same level of performance and could damage a system if installed.

If a student uses software provided from a reputable recognized source, then they should experience no problems in using web toolbars. This means students should always download from recognized websites; either from the source of the toolbar or from a reputable third party mirror. Pop-ups prompting for the installation of web toolbars on seemingly random websites should best be avoided. They could be viruses!

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