How Much Will an Online MBA Increase My Salary?

Students often pursue academic education as a means of increasing their salary. The general notion is that an increase in education will yield an exponential increase in salary, but is this always the case? The general belief is that an online MBA will indeed increase an average salary rate, but the level of salary increase that graduates will experience is debatable. What Factors Alter Average Salary... [Read more...]

Average Starting Salary for Online MBA Students

It is said that education is a key deciding factor in determining the salary levels that employees will receive in their professional lifetime. Salary is said to exponentially increase with rises in education, so this means that an online MBA student should receive salary levels equivalent to that of any other Master’s degree level student in the field. However, is this always the case? Average... [Read more...]

The Key to Landing a Dream Job After Your Online MBA

The recent economic turmoil has made it incredibly difficult for current college students to secure that lucrative job right out of college. This can be a strong deterrent to current and prospective students, but it is important to note that education can always be worthwhile! There are avenues that students can take to ensure that their academic foundation is put to good use, which are as follows: Avenue... [Read more...]

Top Jobs for Online MBA Students

Online study is often classified as “part time” in terms of a student’s contact time with an institute. However, when students finally step into their online classrooms, they soon find that distance education is so much more than typical par time study. It is quick to eat through many available waking hours, so this presents a dilemma in securing favorable employment that covers living expenses... [Read more...]

Should I Tell Potential Employers I Earned My MBA Online?

Online education carries many schools of thought with it. Some candidates may feel it’s important to hide their online status; whereas others feel it is a blessing in disguise that can be used for personal reward during an interview! However, is it best to reveal that an online MBA was acquired online? Some Students Say No to Revealing an Online MBA Award The world of online education is a rapidly... [Read more...]

How to Sell Your Online MBA Degree to Potential Employers

Online education is relatively new in terms of its acknowledgement in the professional world. Many employers are reluctant to accept online education as equivalent to traditional campus based study, which could be for many reasons. However, one leading reason that stands out is the employer’s own ignorance. Many employers do not know how to compare an online award to its campus counterpart, so... [Read more...]