3 Traps Fake Online MBA Schools Set to Lure You

It is an unfortunate reality that some students will become victims of academic fraud. The ease of setting up a website and credit card payment systems entices would-be fraudsters into a world of crime and dishonesty. However, there are telltale traps that fake online MBA schools set. They are easy to detect and even harder for fraudsters to avoid setting! If a student spots any of the following traps,... [Read more...]

How to Spot Online MBA Diploma Mills

A diploma mill by definition is a fraudulent institution of higher education. They are known to grant diplomas that are either worthless in the professional world or entirely fake in terms of their component’s worth. This forgery could be due to several reasons, but the main reason cited for operating a diploma mill is a lack of educational accreditation. Students should always remain in an accredited... [Read more...]

3 Warning Signs That an Online MBA Is Bad

Nobody wants to partake in an education of no worth, but there are often very few warning signs that an education is bad. Online study is particularly difficult to pin as studying by distance in a faceless environment offers considerable challenges of its own. Without the camaraderie of fellow students, an online student can face potential pitfalls without even realizing it. However, there are three... [Read more...]

DETC Accredited Online MBA: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Distance Education and Training Council offers accreditation specifically for distance study and online options of learning. They were first established in the late 1920s as the “National Home Study Council” and have been pioneers in the world of accrediting distance study programs, which have always been firmly rooted in the quality of education and the avoidance of potential scam... [Read more...]

Regional Accreditation vs. National Accreditation

Should my online MBA be regionally accredited or nationally accredited? Students who are in the process of enrolling in a program of study often wonder about the differences in educational accreditation. Receiving an accredited education is of the utmost importance. This is because an accredited education leads to more favorable employment opportunities and better academic prospects. However, institutions... [Read more...]

Where to Find Nationally Accredited Online MBA Programs

National accreditation is an educational distinction awarded to programs based in the United States. They differ from regional accreditation in that nationally accredited programs are most geared towards for-profit institutions, which include vocational schools and technical colleges. They also differ in that nationally accredited programs do not offer credits that are routinely transferable into regionally... [Read more...]

Nationally Accredited Online MBA Programs

National accreditation is an educational distinction awarded to institutions in the United States. However, unlike regional accreditation that serves academic not-for-profit institutions, national accreditation is available solely to for-profit vocational schools, which could include technical training colleges or trade schools. This does mean that national accreditation is available to fewer schools,... [Read more...]

Where to Find Regionally Accredited Online MBA Programs

Regional accreditation is applicable to institutions based in the United States. It is offered through six different educational councils that oversee institutions within their respective districts, which span from elementary school education through to academic post-secondary colleges and Universities. Regional accreditation is applied to institutions that offer not-for-profit academic education.... [Read more...]

Regionally Accredited Online MBA Programs

Regional accreditation is a method of educational accreditation offered to institutions in the United States. Six different regional accreditation boards oversee primarily academic and not-for-profit education at primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. This encompasses the majority of public schools, colleges, and Universities in the United States that do not focus on career or technical training,... [Read more...]

AACSB vs. ACBSP Accreditation for Online MBA Programs

The two main accreditation standards for business education are governed by the AACSB and the ACBSP. The two boards offer distinct advantages and disadvantages over one another, but what is the directory that offers prospective students with more reliable and trustworthy information? There is no easy way to answer this question. However, it is important to note the fundamental differences between... [Read more...]

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