How to Spot a Top Online MBA Program

Online MBA programs are in great supply when it comes to distance studying options, but it can be a difficult task to identify one that is a cut above the rest. With so many opportunities to study towards an online MBA, all of the components and institution names can blend into one another with no obvious differences that students should take advantage of. However, there are tell-tale signs that an... [Read more...]

What is the Top Online MBA Program of 2010?

Coming across the top online MBA program of 2010 can be done by sourcing information from ranking systems. Several lists have been compiled by various sources and are presented according to different specifications. Some ranking systems, such as the one offered by, offers results based on the cost-effectiveness of an online MBA program. Other systems, such as the one offered by The... [Read more...]

The Economist Online MBA Rankings

The Economist is a publication based in London, England. It offers readers with weekly British and international headlines, which are said to target those of high education and importance within global issues. The publication has a deep rooted history in the evolution of Britain that has been in existence since 1843. However, is it a reputable source for educational guidance? Is The Economist a Reputable... [Read more...]

Financial Times Online MBA Rankings

The Financial Times is a British economic newspaper that is primarily geared towards the European consumer. It provides readers with daily publications to update recent changes to stock market trends and advances political standpoints, which include being proponents of the UK Labour Party and in favor of globalization. It has a long standing history in British finances with its first publication being... [Read more...] Online MBA Rankings offers a resource for prospective business students who are concerned with the overall affordability of a graduate education. College education carries a very high initial out of pocket cost that is objectively recovered in more well paid employment opportunities upon graduation. However, there are some students that simply cannot afford the costs of becoming educated with more recognizable... [Read more...]

Is an Online MBA Ranking System Trustworthy?

Students who are interested in pursuing an online MBA often cite an official ranking system as the reason why they selected a specific program. While an official ranking system can be a great resource to start one’s research into the world of online MBA programs, they should certainly not be the final destination for students. This is because the sources are not fully trustworthy. What are Online... [Read more...]

Is the University of Phoenix the Best Available Option for my Online MBA Program in 2010?

Many online ranking systems are currently available on the Internet and gauge how effective an online MBA course is. They are designed with the student in mind and judge programs based on certain specifications, which might include how economical a program is or how favorably the qualification is looked on in the professional world. Online ranking systems are typically updated on a yearly basis and... [Read more...]

Are the Official Online MBA Program Rankings Valid?

Prospective online MBA students often wonder if their education will truly be the best it can possibly be in terms of academic status and the quality of education. This has prompted a need for official ranking systems, which have been compiled at various sources on the Internet and in printed media. What are Ranking Systems and How can they Affect my Online MBA Program? Rankings systems were designed... [Read more...]