Company Reaches Out to Potential Hires with Online Gaming

October 26, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) is a pharmaceutical/consumer goods company that is looking to recruit MBA graduates – with online gaming.

The games are mini-games called CrazieRBrands, developed by the company in order to engage graduate students with the RB brand and increase their presence in the students’ minds as they contemplate where to start their careers.

An Innovative Way to Reach Potential Hires

RB’s target demographic are young MBA or college grads who are just on the cusp of jumping into the corporate world. Of this demographic, 70 percent have a smart phone, and 81 percent play mobile games on a weekly basis. These mini-games are thus a perfect way to reach RB’s hopeful-hires.

There are eight games, with themes that play off of RB’s Powerbrands, such as “Cut the Mustard” for food goods and “Down the Pan” for cleaning goods. The games have the usual leader boards that online mini-games and apps have that speaks to the company’s competitive spirit. There are also tools integrated into the game that further encourages friendly competition, such as sharing your scores with friends and family and challenging them to the top scores.

There is even an extra incentive to join in the fun: the winner gets a 13,000 dollar trip for two by leaving their score on the leader board and then entering a raffle.

Competitive Gaming Reaches Right Kind of Person

The marketing and public relations manager at RB, Cluadia Bach, describes the reasoning behind the mini-games, “game playing brings out people’s competitive spirits, and these are just the sort of people who would fit in at RB. We believe these mini-games will put RB [on] top of [the] mind amongst early careers people. And while all of the dames share the same simple click mechanic, TAMBA and the Workroom (creators of the games) have made each game different and fun in its own right.”

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