Competitive Strategy: An Elective Online MBA Course

The Master of Business Administration degree is one that has several opportunities to specialize with different electives. One of these electives is competitive strategy. The course naturally appeals to those who are more strategic in their thought processes and are able to think in terms of advancing the interests of one business over another. This is the very nature of competitive strategy! Since it is an elective component, it is not required for students to undertake it, but just what exactly does the course entail?

What is Typically Involved in a Competitive Strategy Online MBA Course?

Competitive strategy by definition involves assessing the resources that a business has and develops a plan to use them in order to enhance the business’ viability. However, what exactly constitutes a "resource" varies in terms of the business’ objective. The workforce could be seen as a resource and competitive strategy could aim to enhance their productivity to oust a rival business and their productivity. Finances can also be seen as a resource and pricing can play a crucial role in competitive strategy. For example, a financial juggernaut could enter a destroyer market by offering products at little to no cost in aims of irreversibly damaging the competition.

Students are will be exposed to the two main characteristics of competitive strategy: strategy planning and strategy evaluation. The first stage involves forming the strategy itself. An audit of the resources and what the business intends to achieve must be performed, then objectives can be set and will include detailed instructions regarding how to achieve these objectives. The latter involves evaluating the strategy’s results after a set period of time as defined in the plan. If needed, the strategy can also be adjusted in the evaluation process and relaunched to meet a different objective.

Who is Likely to Succeed in a Competitive Strategy Online MBA Course?

Students who found themselves succeeding in core strategy components are likely to find themselves doing well in a competitive strategy elective. This is because the course material is often seen as a continuance of previously learned material and can often be seen as an easier component to pass. However, that is not to say that it is simple as students will often be exposed to new material that was not covered in core learning components. Interested students should approach the subject with care as it is likely to offer a unique set of challenges that cannot be ignored.

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