DETC Accredited Online MBA: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Distance Education and Training Council offers accreditation specifically for distance study and online options of learning. They were first established in the late 1920s as the “National Home Study Council” and have been pioneers in the world of accrediting distance study programs, which have always been firmly rooted in the quality of education and the avoidance of potential scam correspondence courses. They adopted their current name in the mid 1990s, but their mission hasn’t wavered and they have continued to monitor correspondence study in the United States. However, what are the respective pros and cons of studying a DETC accredited online MBA program?

DETC Online MBA Program: The Good

The DETC has a long standing history in the academic world. This means students can rest assured that their education will be one that has met high quality standards and has been monitored for potential fraud activity. New candidates applying for DETC accreditation are required to go through an extensive vetting process to weed out any potential inappropriate behaviors. However, this extensive vetting process has led to very few distance study institutions being granted with DETC status. The DETC reports that only 100 institutions have been successfully granted accreditation status, so this could greatly limit what the student has available in terms of studying options, but it does give the student peace of mind that his course selection will be an appropriate one for future employment prospects.

DETC Online MBA Program: The Bad

The DETC is recognized as a national accreditation. This type of accreditation is often perceived as being lower in quality due to the lack of standardization throughout the standard. It is seen as lower than regional accreditation, which applies itself to not-for-profit academic institutions. For this reason, students may be faced with poorer employment prospects upon graduation due to the notorious perception that employers may have of nationally accredited programs. Students may also face hardships during study. This is primarily due to many regionally accredited institutions rejecting transfer credits from nationally accredited programs. Therefore students wishing to enroll in a more prestigious course may be required to re-complete any previously completed credits.

DETC Online MBA Program: The Ugly

Despite wanting to rule out potential fraud institutions, the DETC have been victims of fraud themselves. In April 2010, officials were alerted of a European website running under the same name and was thought to be an accreditation mill that offers fraudulent accreditation status to institutions. The process of repairing the damage done by the imposter was thought to be very costly and time consuming for the DETC.

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