Distance Learning MBA: Is It Any Good?

Students who find themselves committed to work often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to furthering their education. For many students, the option of continued learning isn’t a feasible one as it usually means taking a leave of absence from paid employment or reducing hours to the point where they often become worthless in terms of net earnings. However, many leading Universities now offer their students with distance learning and online options. The distance learning MBA is one of these options and could be just what business professionals are looking for to boost their educational status and achievements.

Online MBA Learning Isn’t Classroom Learning

Distance learning removes the student from a traditional classroom setting and places him in an outwardly disadvantageous position by being a student from a remote location, which is usually from home. This means that the MBA student must be one who is incredibly self-motivated and have enough discipline to complete coursework without any intervention on behalf of professors or tutors. This sudden change of pace in terms of education delivery can be one that is difficult to overcome, but many students report a gradual learning curve that becomes easy over time. It can even be quite enjoyable! Learning by distance does mean that the social aspect of school is removed. However, if the student never found himself interested in a school’s social life, then it isn’t one that would be missed!

Online MBA Learning Can Be Impersonal

One aspect of distance education that students report struggling with is the lack of personal interaction. In some cases, the student may not receive any feedback from professors at all. It is important to check with student services to see if feedback is offered to distance students. Students who find feedback motivating might be at a disadvantage when it comes to distance learning. Distance study students often report that personal reward through their own achievements is the most satisfying aspect of learning by this method. While grades are undoubtedly important, the availability of the professor’s words is something that usually must be sacrificed for students to be successful when it comes to learning by distance.

Is an Online MBA Worth It?

This highly subjective question can only be answered by the student himself. A respectable qualification from a great school will look great on any resume, but the process in becoming qualified can be an awkward one for distance students. An ideal distance study student would be one who can abandon the social benefits of school learning in favor of a more self-oriented pursuit. Having this frame of mind will ultimately make distance study worthwhile.

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