Do I Need to Take the GMAT for an Online MBA?

The Graduate Management Admission Test, which is abbreviated to "GMAT", is a common admission test required of business professionals who wish to enter graduate programs such as a MBA. It is typical of many institutions to require this of students during the admission process and is often a deciding factor in accepting or rejecting students. However, what exactly is the GMAT and do students need to sit it in order to enter online degree programs?

What is the GMAT and Why is it Important for My Online MBA Program

The GMAT is a standardized admissions test, which is very similar to other standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT. The test consists of two component sections and costs approximately $250.00 USD to sit depending on the institution’s pricing policies.

The GMAT itself begins with the AWA, which is the analytical writing assignment. This requires the student to write two essays. Both essays are different in their intended objectives as one requires the candidate to examine an argument whereas the other requires the candidate to analyze an issue. These two essays are then graded on a scale of 0-6 by two independent sources: an automatic computer analysis that grades sentence syntax, spelling, and the level of vocabulary used, then a human who focuses on the subject as a whole. The second component of the GMAT is a quantitative and verbal testing section, which adapts to the skill of the candidate and offers increasingly difficult questions depending on the amount of correct answers produced. This test yields a score between 200-800 points with higher scores corresponding to correct answers on the most difficult of questions.

The test is important for several reasons. The most important of these reasons is that the test is able to accurately gauge a student’s potential in the business world from a managerial perspective. Students who fail to reach mean test scores are often unable to grasp managerial concepts or implement them in typical day-to-day settings, so it would not truly be worth the University’s while to educate the candidate. However, this selective process can automatically rule out otherwise very successful candidates. Does this mean that all Universities require the GMAT for admission?

Are There Programs that Don’t Require the GMAT for an Online MBA Program?

While the GMAT is a fundamental component of MBA admission, it is not an integral part of every University’s admission process. It is therefore important for students to check with their University’s student services board in aims of finding out whether or not the GMAT is required for online study. This information can also be found by performing a web search, which might include "Is the GMAT Required for X University".

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