Does Cornell Offer an Online MBA Program?

Cornell is an Ivy League school that is located in Ithaca, New York. Unlike other Ivy League schools, Cornell is governed by a private land-grant that receives funding from the State of New York in exchange for upholding certain educational missions. The institution boasts several respectable rankings, which includes a ranking of 10 by the ARWU National and 12 by the ARWU World Ranking. It also sees rankings of 14 from Times Higher Education and 16 from QS World. It is very easy to see why students often wish to be admitted to Cornell, but is it possible to study by distance?

Cornell Rejects Online MBA Study

Cornell does not provide distance study options or an online MBA program for students. This means that students are restricted to physically attending the campus in order to acquire a Cornell qualification. The reasons for this are not outwardly published by the institution, but are often speculated by students. The reason most often cited by students as a potential reason why Cornell rejects online study is prestige. Given the high ranking status of the institution, it is possible that leaders feel a sense of responsibility to uphold the integrity and vision of their qualifications. In many instances, this is not possible through online study. This is because professors will not be able to know the student on a more personal level and be able to understand his strengths and weaknesses. The faceless environment also prevents students from taking advantage of the campus life that Cornell provides.

What Other Options Exist For my Online MBA Program

If students wish to remain under Ivy League recognition, then Columbia University offers a fully online MBA program that caters to faraway students or those who aren’t able to physically get to school on a regular basis due to personal or professional commitments. This does mean that students can gain a respectable qualification in an online environment, but it does mean that students are subject to the regular admission and academic standards as those who physically attend school. This can place a strong burden on students who aren’t able to have a professor’s full attention and helplines at all times. Students should also be aware of costs. Columbia University boasts an above average tuition cost; even in a distance study option. This means that those who are concerned with cost must look further afield in order to find a more budget-friendly course that is within economic reason.

Students may also be interested in researching Harvard’s Program for Leadership Development award if they wish to remain in a recognized Ivy League program. However, this program should not be seen as an equivalent award to an online MBA. It instead appeals to working professionals who are ready to assume a leadership role in their place of employment. The program is also delivered through hybrid study, which means students will be required to supplement their online learning with occasional classroom sessions.

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