Does MIT Offer an Online MBA Program?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a privately funded research college that is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The institution opened in 1865 and has always been firmly rooted in applied technology combined with scientific research. The college has since grown to offer a total of five schools and one college, which encompasses a total of 32 academic departments. However, is an online MBA program available through MIT?

MIT’s Innovation Leads to a Free Online MBA Degree?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology pioneered the technology of OpenCourseWare. OCW was created to provide the general public with a brief insight into the goings-on of MIT learning without incurring any charge. This means that students can access MIT course material at no cost, which includes material of MIT’s MBA components. It should be noted that MIT’s Sloan School of Business does not offer an online MBA. However, essential reading and course material for components of MIT’s MBA can be accessed without registration and can be used to acquire knowledge on several business components. Examples of business reading provided through OCW include:

  • Introduction to Operations Management
  • Communication for Managers
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Applied Economics for Managers
  • Global Climate Change: Economics, Science and Policy

Does This Mean That I Can Get an Online MBA for Free?

Using MIT’s OCW application does not award students with any certificates or recognition of acquiring the course material. The technology was simply designed to allow the public to get a better insight to the academic rigors of attending MIT. Using OCW does not equal a college education, so prospective students should not utilize OCW material under the impression that it will lead them to a free online MBA.

Where can I Study Towards an Online MBA in the Northeastern States?

Columbia University in New York City offers students with a fully online MBA program. If location is key, then Columbia can provide the student with a reputable qualification from an Ivy League school. The qualification itself carries the prestige of originating from a school of academic excellence, so would look great on any job candidate’s resume! However, the course is offered at an above average cost, so budget conscious students should look elsewhere if costs are meant to be kept as low as possible. This could mean studying further from the Northeastern catchment area in aims of reducing cost. This could also mean that the quality of the education is sacrificed due to the qualification not originating from an Ivy League school.

Students who aren’t interested in a full online MBA may also find Harvard’s Program for Leadership Development option feasible if they wish to attend an Ivy League school. However, this option is a hybrid method of study and does require some campus contact time, so shouldn’t be seen as a fully online option.

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