Does Stanford Offer an Online MBA Program?

The Leland Stanford Junior University is a privately funded research college that is located in Stanford, California. It is commonly referred to as "Stanford University" or simply "Stanford" instead of its lengthier full academic name. It was first established in 1891 and has risen to critical acclaim, which includes high rankings from judging bodies such as ARWU World, ARWU National, and Times Higher Education. With such high levels of prestige, many students wish to enroll, but geographic restrictions may prevent them from becoming full-fledged students. However, could prospective MBA students be allowed to study by distance in an online MBA program?

Is an Online MBA Program Available Through Stanford?

The simple answer to this question is "no". Stanford’s Graduate School of Business does not offer any online or distance learning options to students. The reasons for this are not openly cited, but have been speculated by many students. One of the leading replies by students when asked why Stanford does not offer online business modules is prestige. Given the long standing history of academic excellence, Stanford is likely to be against the concept of online learning due to the notorious stigma of it being more for lesser-able students. This obviously does not fit in well with Stanford’s high requirements! Students also feel that online learning cannot replicate what they experience in the classroom and campus, which is such an integral part of attending Stanford University. Stanford’s requirement of mandatory living on-site during the first year is something that cannot be satisfied in an online learning environment. This could also play a crucial role in Stanford’s opposition to online learning.

What Schools in the Southwestern Region Offer an Online MBA Program?

If students are restricted by geographic location, then Arizona offers students with the University of Phoenix. This institution offers fully online programs and includes an online MBA for students. The program consistently places highly on official ranking systems, which includes a prestigious first place ranking on several online MBA ranking systems. However, online ranking systems should only be taken at face value as the information may not necessarily be trustworthy. Students should always adhere to direct word of mouth advice from alumni and information in national publications. It is also prudent for students to perform web searches. The Internet can be a great forum for feedback surrounding education, so several negative posts surrounding an institution’s program can also be a great way to judge academic quality and prospects upon graduation.

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