Does Wharton Offer an Online MBA Program?

Wharton is a business school of the University of Pennsylvania, which is recognized as an Ivy League school with high standards of academic excellence and a selective admissions process. The institution opened in 1881 and is a privately funded academic college. Wharton is reorganized as one of the most exclusive business schools in the United States of America. It requires students to have high GPA scores and high GMAT scores in order to be considered for admission. However, does it offer considerations for studying by distance or even offer an online MBA program?

Wharton Rejects Online MBA Study

The short answer to the above questions are both "no". Wharton does not offer distance study options and requires students to physically attend the campus. The reasons for this are not outwardly published, but there are many suggested reasons for why this might be so. As Wharton is annexed into the University of Pennsylvania, it is subject to Ivy League standards that are some of the most reputable and well-respected academic standards in the United States. This means that the school has a strong reputation to uphold and cannot fully judge a student in terms of his academic strengths in a faceless virtual environment. However, Wharton also recognizes the needs of professional workers and offers a series of non-MBA studies in the evening. These are known as the "Wharton Programs for Working Professionals". Students who are unavailable during typical daytime hours may find these programs useful if they’re able to physically attend the Philadelphia campus.

But What if I’m Not Able to Physically Go to School? What Online MBA Program is for Me?

Students who are interested in remaining in a northeasterly region for their study may benefit from Columbia University’s online MBA program, which is based in New York City. Here students may enroll in a fully online course that is also subject to Ivy League standards, but offers students the flexibility of online study in order to acquire a qualification at their own personal pace in line with the school’s academic calendar. However, students should be forewarned that online study through Columbia University is not a cost-effective solution. In fact, costs are above average due to the strong academic reputation and foundation that students will gain upon graduation. If cost is a relative concern, then students may want to look further afield in order to find the right online MBA program for them.

Students who seek Ivy League recognition may also be interested in researching Harvard’s Program for Leadership Development award. However, it is a hybrid course, so is not delivered through fully online study and students must attend classroom sessions from time to time. It should also not be seen as a full online MBA award. The PLD award is a separate qualification to a MBA and is tailored for working professionals who are about to assume a leadership role within their place of employment.

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