Does Yale Offer an Online MBA Program?

Yale University is a privately funded academic college located in New Haven, Connecticut. It was established in 1701 with strong religious and political roots, but has since grown to incorporate several different schools that offer an overwhelming amount of different majors and programs of study. Yale also showcases a well-respected business school whose academic prestige is very well known, which sees number one rankings from both The Economist and U.S. News and World Report. It’s no wonder why students often want to become students of Yale, but is it possible to study online?

Yale Says "No" to Online MBA Programs

The answer to the above question is "no". Yale does not offer students with the ability to enroll in an online program of study. The reasons for this are not openly published, but are often speculated in the academic circle. Most students feel that the reason for Yale’s outward rejection of online study is reputation. Yale boasts a respected academic prestige, which includes high rankings of third in the QS World University Rankings and tenth in the Times Higher Education Rankings. For this reason, students feel that Yale has standards to uphold and this simply cannot be done through online learning. Professors will not be able to get to know students on a more intimate basis and understand their unique academic prowess in an online environment, so will not be able to uphold the standards as outlined for Ivy League schools. This means that students are restricted to physical campus study if they wish to attend Yale.

What Other Options Exist for My Online MBA Program?

If students wish to remain in an Ivy League school, then Columbia University offers a fully online MBA program that welcomes faraway students or those with restricted availability. The admissions and selections process is comparable to other Ivy League schools, but grants students with the flexibility to study at their own pace and assume course material without physically attending the school. However, students must be aware that the costs of attending Columbia University are above average in terms of tuition; even in an online environment. If tuition costs are a prime concern for students, then they should look further afield as Columbia may not be within budget. It is likely that students will be able to find competitive online MBA programs at lower costs if academic repetition is not a top concern or even being considered.

Students may also consider Harvard’s Program for Leadership Development Award. However, this award should not be seen as an equivalent to an online MBA. The award instead caters to working professionals who are about to assume a leadership role within their place of employment. The PLD award is also not a fully online option. It is delivered through hybrid study, which means students will be required to attend classroom sessions from time to time throughout the program.

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