Edinburgh Business School (EBS) Launches Online MBA Programs in Africa

October 5, 2010 · Leave a Comment 

Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh Business School (EBS) introduces top online MBA programs in Africa, targeted towards those students who don’t have the resources — or the time — to attend classes and enroll in a traditional MBA program.

African universities are afflicted by the same shortage of resources that affects the entire continent: insufficient money, lack of great professors, and unpredictable power supply. Designed with these problems in mind, EBS’ online MBA minimizes Internet costs and issues with electricity supply by allowing students to download course materials.

Students in Africa, India and China pay a lower price tag to attend the program. The program consists of nine courses, each costing £650, or $1,015, for these students. Europeans and Americans are charged £800 per course or nearly £6,000 for the whole program. Though prices are reduced, the quality of the program remains the same. “The exams they sit are exactly the same as students in Edinburgh or New York,” said Alick Kitchin, the school’s business director.

In addition to introducing an affordable top-quality online MBA into the African market, EBS also offers full scholarships. With this new online MBA program launch, up to 250 Afrtican students will be awarded full scholarships. To qualify for scholarship grants, students must not only show economic hardship, but they must also demonstrate that they intend to utilize their MBA education to profit their communities.

Professor Keith Lumsden, the director of Edinburgh Business School says, “We wanted to establish an initiative to promote life-long learning across the continent. Africa needs assistance to help develop its full potential, and with these scholarships we are offering 250 individuals the chance to make a difference – not only to their own lives but to the wider communities around them.”

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