Employee Resourcing: An Elective Online MBA Course

Leadership in a corporate setting presents unique needs and challenges upon its managers. One of these challenges is employee resourcing. Students who are interested in leadership positions often display such drive through their elective options, so employee resourcing is naturally a top selection by many students who are gravitating towards leadership roles. It is a critical part of many businesses, so it is easy to see how it is relevant to an online MBA program. However, what does the course teach and what can students get out of studying the component?

An Overview of Employee Resourcing in an Online MBA Program

Employee resourcing is often divided into three sections: staffing, performance, and administration.

Staffing is the key focus of any employee resourcing component, so students will spend much of their time learning the requirements of staffing. These include advertising, recruitment options that include temporary workers through to permanent workers, how to retain employees, and employee dismissal. Advertising is a unit that often experiences a rebirth as technology advances. For this reason, it is difficult to truly offer an accurate perspective on it given that employers have taken to modern and new means to attract new employees. These include posting on social networking websites and free-to-use classified websites such as Craigslist in the United States or Kijiji in Canada. However, the knowledge gained from other units is universal and is unlikely to be subject to change in the near future.

Performance is also a widely covered topic in employee resourcing. As employees are hired to meet certain objectives or targets of a business, students in the component will become comfortable with administrating performance analysis readings and be able to sensitively given advice to employees who could use bettering in their position. Students will also learn how to manage an employee’s level of performance and strategies to keep the level consistent for considerable periods of time.

Administration is an important topic for future leaders. In a resourcing context, administration focuses on policy and procedure development along with documentation. Basic office skills are routinely covered in many administrative units, but students will also become proficient in presenting policies and may even acquire some basic knowledge in legal writing and terminology.

Is Employee Resourcing an Easy Online MBA Component to Pass?

Employee resourcing is often deemed moderate in terms of its difficultly level. Some students find the material easy to grasp whereas others struggle with it. However, it is a component that could be very valuable to students upon graduation as economic upturns and recession recovery periods often lead to heavy recruitment phases. This means students who are adept in the field will find themselves very employable!

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