Evisors: An Answer to Online Access to Real Business Professionals

November 9, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

“On-Demand” is more than just a convenient channel for instantaneous movie-viewing, it is an entire culture that has grown up, around and through the new online culture where fast responses are everything and immediate gratification is taken for granted. High-speed connections happen continuously and speed reading has been taken to an entirely different level.

Which is why the creation of Evisors is not wholly unsurprising but none-the-less an impressive achievement. Evisors was created by Fredrik Marø, a graduate from Pennsylvania State University and Harvard Business School. His hope with Evisors was to create a tool for MBA prospective students or graduates looking for person-to-person help regarding business school admissions or job exploration. Students, at any time, can seek help from business professionals and admissions advisers via video chats through the service for a fee that ranges anywhere from 30-600 dollars an hour, depending on the professional. Students also benefit from the quick, if not immediate, responses. The professionals often give tips and advice to students about their work specialties, the job market, and college admissions.

The Potential of Evisor to Level the Playing Field

Marø hopes that the service will continue to expand and offer a tool to students who feel lost when planning their leap into business school or into the job market, and will equalize the playing field when it comes to using alumni resources. Through the sheer expanse and number of professionals joining the service smaller schools could hire Evisor in order to have access to professionals stationed in the upper levels of their industries. He also hopes to continue the sites expansion into webinars (or online seminars).

The site is acclaimed for being a more personal LinkedIn, where students expand and organize their professional contacts not only through text and email, but also through relationships forged in face-to-face sessions. However, there are downsides to Evisor, as some students have mentioned that it is good for general advice, but local professionals are more likely to know job opportunities available where you live.

Read more about Evisors here; or visit the website here.

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