Forbes Finds Most Satisfying MBA Programs

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Forbes recently released the results of a survey that tested whether or not MBA graduates are satisfied with their business schools after they had some time to think about it out in the workforce and workplace. What is found is unsurprising in some regards – it turns out the MBA programs that had the highest return on investment for its students (the amount made upon graduation compared to the cost) were not necessarily the same schools whose graduates reported the highest satisfaction in their careers.

How to Measure Satisfaction

Forbes heard back from 5,000 business school alumni who graduated in 2006. The survey sent out questioned the alumni on whether they were satisfied with their MBA education, their current job, and how well they were prepared by their degree (compared to other business school alumni).

So What Was the Most Satisfying MBA Program?

It turns out the most satisfying MBA school (overall) is not the one that has the highest return on investment (Harvard). It is Stanford Graduate School of Business, and many claim the high satisfaction rates are because Stanford prepares its business school grads as entrepreneurs and business leaders. So although, like Harvard, the students start off in big companies, many then branch out into their own companies.

The second-most satisfied MBA graduates are those from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. The school was top in MBA education and preparedness measurements (it was 14 on the job satisfaction list – not too shabby, either). It is likely that the school sat so high on the lists is because it thoroughly prepared its students for general management positions – since 29 percent of its graduates took that career track. That is more than any other top-tier business school.

The highest school on the job satisfaction lists is alumni from Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business. It is also one of the smaller schools on the lists. In 2010, 48 percent of the school’s graduates were actually placed operations and logistics jobs. That is six times the average placement rates compared to other schools.

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