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The cost of academic education has never been higher. Skyrocketing tuition fees are making it more difficult for students to secure textbooks; even when opting for used or damaged options. This has prompted a demand for free online MBA study materials, which fortunately do exist! However, finding such study materials can be tricky if a student doesn’t know where to look.

Wikipedia as an Online MBA Study Aid

Wikipedia is the most widely known free encyclopedia on the Internet at the moment. It is a frequently updated and publicly editable source that contains several relevant pages for online MBA programs. Students may uncover articles and information pertaining to finance, marketing, strategy, human resources, and administration within moments! It is generally quick and reliable, but it has been met with some criticism in academic circles.

Since Wikipedia is publicly editable, there is some concern surrounding the validity of the information on the website. Guests may alter articles to include any information that they please, so article vandalism and tampering isn’t uncommon on Wikipedia. Fortunately, administrators can quickly revert articles to more integral states when they are alerted to potential vandalism. This means that students can be assured that every attempt is made to ensure an accurate user experience, but there is no guarantee that Wikipedia’s information can be free from vandalism all of the time. If complete validity is a concern, then students may want to look elsewhere.

The Online Books Page as an Online MBA Study Aid

The Online Books Page is an open library for users and is hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. Here, students may access over 30,000 titles free of charge. This can be a great way to supplement or even replace textbooks in a college program if the required titles can be found within The Online Books Page.

The website caters to a variety of core components in a business administration program, which includes marketing, strategy, and finance. This means that it is quite possible that core reading may be found on The Online Books Page!

Validity is not as much of a concern here as much as Wikipedia, but it is still prudent for students to cross-reference what they are reading on The Online Books Page with hard copy print to ensure that data has not been mistyped or is invalid. Doing this will ensure that accurate material is being learned and will prevent unnecessary marks lost on final exams and in assignments!


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