General MBA vs. Specialized MBA Programs

Prospective MBA students are often unaware of the options that are available to them and quickly settle into a general online MBA program. While the general MBA is a valuable and respectable qualification, there are other options available to students who are interested in the program. These options are known as specialized MBA programs. They are available to students who meet certain admission requirements, which can result in accelerating the course of study or reducing the overall workload. It is wise for students to delve more deeply into these options as it is possible that they just might meet the admission criteria!

Why Take a Specialized Online MBA Program?

Specialized online MBA programs are tailored to meet the needs of specific students. They do not differ in terms of course content, but rather they differ in how they are delivered to students. Students will always end up with equivalent MBA status when studying through a specialized online MBA program. There is no specific advantage or disadvantage when it comes to taking a specialized online MBA program, but some aspects of specialization may appeal to students with certain needs.

The accelerated MBA is a variation of a two year course that is delivered on a much more intensive basis. There is very little in terms of break time, so students must be prepared to fully engage with the course material on a regular basis without rest. Semester breaks also do not apply to accelerated students. Students in an accelerated program will instead receive up to ten days off rather than two to three weeks. This lack of rest rewards students with an online MBA degree at a more rapid pace, which results in acquiring a degree more quickly than traditional two year Masters’ programs.

The EMBA is also a variation of the two-year course, but is solely available to students who hold executive positions in a corporate setting. This program respects the often hectic workloads that corporate executives face and may grant more allowances for deadline extensions. It also waives the typical requirement of internship during the MBA course as it acknowledges the student’s presence in an executive setting upon admission. This might allow the student to partake in a minor degree or receive extra components to boost their academic transcript.

Should I Take a Specialized Online MBA Program?

Specialist courses may appeal to students with specific needs, which might include an interest in course acceleration or prior strenuous work commitments. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The student must instead introspect and see if a tailored course is appropriate for their studying circumstances. The degree will ultimately be identical in terms of its components and worth in the business world.

Popular Specialized Online MBA Programs

  • Online Executive MBA
  • Online Accounting MBA
  • Online Finance MBA
  • Online Marketing MBA

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