Online MBA Rankings offers a resource for prospective business students who are concerned with the overall affordability of a graduate education. College education carries a very high initial out of pocket cost that is objectively recovered in more well paid employment opportunities upon graduation. However, there are some students that simply cannot afford the costs of becoming educated with more recognizable Universities. understands this dilemma and compiles a yearly list of more budget-friendly schools, which contains the following ten schools as their select choices for a more economical education solution:

  1. Wayne State College
  2. Chadron State College
  3. West Texas A & M University
  4. Tarleton State University
  5. American Public University
  6. University of North Alabama
  7. Columbia College
  8. Western Governors University
  9. California State University-Dominguez Hills
  10. Plymouth State University

Is a Trustworthy Resource for my Online MBA Program? openly declares that no University has paid for specialized rankings within their system. This means that students can rest assured that the content is honest and valid. They also filter out colleges that do not meet regional accreditation, which is often perceived as being the highest accreditation standard in the United States and offers the best academic quality. Therefore, the Universities that appear on’s list are colleges of good reputation and good academic standing.

Should I use to find an Online MBA College?

If a student’s primary concern is cost, then can be a great starting point to find an excellent school that is within a student’s budget. The average tuition cost of an online MBA is just under $23,000 according to the ranking system, so students can find more economical solutions from $6,750 and up depending on what a student feels is the best institution in terms of brand identity and prestige in the academic world.

What a student gets out of online education will ultimately be up to him. As there is no physical contact with the University for the greater majority of the program, students must be able to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines without any professor intervention. If a student is unable to do this, then online study might not be the best solution. However, lowering initial out of pocket expenses can be a great way to “test the waters” per se. A lowered financial commitment may allow the student to see if online study is right for him and if it is a viable method for his study preferences.

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