How Long Does It Take To Get An Online MBA?

The process of getting an online MBA is comparable to traditional campus study. This means that students will likely find themselves involved in a two year program if the study is conducted on a full-time, guided basis. However, there are other options that exist and cater to students with different needs. Many professionals wish to acquire an online MBA through the quickest or least demanding methods. Fortunately, there are programs that cater to these two specific needs!

What is an Accelerated Online MBA Program?

Accelerated study waives break times in aims of delivering course material on a more intensive, rapid basis. This means that students will not be treated to be standard course breaks that other students have the advantage of, but it does mean that students will be able to graduate more quickly than other students in a standard two year program.

The average graduation times differ as per the institution’s requirements on their accelerated program. Many institutions are able to reward students with an accelerated MBA in 18 months or less, but the time frame greatly depends on what is given to students in terms of breaks. The most outwardly obvious shortening to suit the time frame is the summer break. Students often find that their months away from campus are shortened to a matter of weeks, so it is crucial for those considering accelerated study to be ready for complete immersion within the course content.

Accelerated study also often recommends that the student have a high GPA at undergraduate level, a higher than average GMAT score, or a combination of the two. However, if the institution doesn’t require either requirement from students, then it is wise to brush up on undergraduate content in aims of quickly responding to the intensive delivery methods of the course material.

What are Lesser Demanding Options for Online MBA Programs?

Professionals who are unable to commit to a traditional program of study due to work commitments are able to progress academically through the EMBA. The Executive program was specifically tailored to meet the needs of business professionals who aren’t able to cope with a full academic workload. It is typically only available to current employees within executive or managerial positions who have significant professional experience, which usually meets eight years. It is identical in terms of its components, but offers a more relaxed pace for professionals and doesn’t typically inundate them with large amounts of coursework.

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