Introversion and Extroversion in an Online MBA Program

Online study can cater to many different lifestyles. It is a viable option for all walks of life and all personal circumstances, which can appeal to a wide spectrum of personalities. Online study is also frequently seen as an appealing option for introverted personalities as the quieter and more isolated environment can remove the social burdens on the introvert, but does this mean that an extroverted... [Read more...]

Companionship in an Online MBA Program

The social advantages of attending campus-based study are immediately waived when a student chooses to enter an online program. This can make interacting with other web-based students difficult when a student wishes to reach out to others for assistance or friendly conversation. It can be even more difficult to forge lifelong relationships that often occur for many students in their college or University... [Read more...]

Self-paced vs. Structured Online MBA Programs

Most online MBA courses are governed by structured study programs. This is the most common method of material delivery and students usually expect this means of studying in an online program. However, there is also a strong segmentation of students who are unable to commit to a fully structured program. The idea of deadlines and rigid dates can be either overwhelming or unrealistic in terms of their... [Read more...]

What is a Self-paced Online MBA Program?

Students who are considering making the return to the classroom often wonder if online study is a more viable method. However, many programs that are conducted through online study aren’t that much different in terms of classroom expectations. Many online students are still expected to submit coursework and assignments by specified due dates and sit final exams. For some students, this isn’t... [Read more...]

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Online MBA Classes

Synchronous and Asynchronous classes are two means of learning in an online environment. The two different systems boast their respective advantages and disadvantages for students and professors, but what is the method most suitable for studying towards an online MBA? Synchronous Online MBA Class A synchronous online MBA class is one where professors and students are present online at the exact same... [Read more...]

What is a Typical Online MBA Class Schedule?

The varied nature of an online MBA means that there is little to no standard of normalcy in a student’s class schedule. The course load and work required of the student greatly depends on what program he is enrolled in and what the institution expects out of their students. This means that normal two year students will not find themselves with the same workload as a student in an accelerated... [Read more...]

How Long Does It Take To Get An Online MBA?

The process of getting an online MBA is comparable to traditional campus study. This means that students will likely find themselves involved in a two year program if the study is conducted on a full-time, guided basis. However, there are other options that exist and cater to students with different needs. Many professionals wish to acquire an online MBA through the quickest or least demanding methods.... [Read more...]

Types of Elective Courses in Online MBA Programs

Given the diverse nature of an online MBA, it is only natural that electives within the MBA can be just as varied! Students who have satisfied passing grades from their core components will be given the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest. The reason for choosing a specialization through elective courses can vary, but most students cite personal interest or future employment opportunities... [Read more...]

Required Core Classes in Most Online MBA Programs

All students who wish to pursue an online MBA must sit a set curriculum of required classes, which are known as core components. These core components create the foundation that the MBA is built on, then students may diversify their employment opportunities through elective components. However, before this can be done, students must first satisfy the University’s requirement of success in core... [Read more...]

A Typical Online MBA Curriculum

A typical online MBA curriculum is divided into two main requirements of study: core components and elective components. It is through completion of these requirements that students will amass the credits needed to be awarded with an online MBA. While the program is primarily focused on business, there are often components that students were unaware of prior to enrolling. It is important to become... [Read more...]

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