How Students Interact in an Online MBA Class

The social advantages of attending campus study are some of the first advantages to be waived when a student decides to enter online study. The seemingly faceless environment doesn’t offer much recourse when students wish to interact with one another, which can lead to feelings of isolation when students wish to connect. However, there are options that exist for online learners, but they aren’t as outwardly present as what one might expect.

Social Networking and an Online MBA Program

The rise of modern social networking websites has made it very easy for students to set up unique networking groups that target specific interests, which includes finding fellow students attending a certain program within a certain institution. This method of communication is perhaps the most convenient for students in an out of class situation as social networking can be an easy distraction from studies and book learning due to the high number of objectives that they try to satisfy, such as game applications and poll widgets. It can certainly be easy to become sidetracked when using a popular social networking website!

For this reason, course facilitators have made it increasingly easy for students to communicate with one another in an environment that is free of distractions. These options might include private web forums or school provided e-mail addresses, but perhaps the most convenient way of communication is through the LMS.

Using the Learning Management System for Communication in an Online MBA Program

The Learning Management System, which is commonly abbreviated LMS, is often referred to as a glorified instant messaging client. It offers features that are typical of most popular messaging services and can allow students to communicate with one another in real time. The application is specifically tailored to an academic environment, so may come free of personal distractions that might allow students to remain more focused on their studies and other tasks at hand. This means of communication can also allow students to more easily swap notes and other academic related paperwork with one another due to the ease of file transfers in a LMS.

What is the Best Communication Option for an Online MBA Program?

There is no easy way to answer this as both separate and inclusive means of academic communication have respective advantages and disadvantages. The decision will ultimately be up to the student when it comes to choosing how to communicate with classmates. There are several options that exist, so it is up to the student to choose what works best for him!

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