How to Analyze an Online MBA Case Study

Analysis by definition is “the separation of a whole into its constituent parts for individual study”. Whether the subject of analysis is medical, recreational, or related to the field of business, all analyzing thoughts seek to undercover the underlying truths and objectives of a greater overall picture.

In a business case study, students will often be presented with a crisis that a business is experiencing and be expected to develop a course of action in order to drive it towards a greater success. However, just how is this done and what should students to do analyze an online MBA case study?

Step #1: Overall Read of an Online MBA Case Study

Students should always begin by reading through the case study in its entirety. This should not be to start developing thoughts, but rather to get a general feel of the overall situation. It is important for students to note that there is often no hidden solution within the case study. The overall purpose of the initial read through is to become familiar with the case: not to find a magic answer.

Step #2: Begin to Analyze an Online MBA Case Study

Students should aim to uncover what are the most important facts pertaining to a case study. These could be financial downfalls, productivity concerns, or other trivial points of discussion that are plaguing the business example. Case studies are often packed with important facts, so students should aim to uncover three to five of the most pertinent ones for discussion.

Step #3: SWOT Analysis for an Online MBA Case Study

A SWOT analysis explores the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that a model faces. This should be done for both the internal issues of the business and its external consequences as a result of the internal issues.

Step #4: Identify Relevant Problems in an Online MBA Case Study

Using the SWOT analysis as a guide, student should explore the important facts in order to determine just what the problem is in the business model.

Step #5: Recommend a Course of Action for an Online MBA Case Study

Once the important facts have been explored, then it is high time to suggest a course of action for the business at large. This suggestion can branch through several different issues that the business is facing, but it should always be concluded by one concise recommendation that the business model ought to follow in order to solve their dilemma.

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