How to Balance Your Online MBA and Full Time Job

The idea of trying to balance a full time job with a lengthy commitment to post-secondary education often seems impossible on the surface. While it is important to note that the task is indeed difficult, that is not to say that it isn’t doable. Balancing work and education is something that requires careful planning and a precise course of action that cannot waver. For some students, this will be too difficult to accomplish, but for others it will be the saving grace that gets them through the rigors of post-secondary education while remaining in the workforce.

Stress Management in an Online MBA Program

Stress management is a key to succeeding in balancing both work and academia. Stress management isn’t avoiding it altogether, but rather it aims to deal with the aggravation that results through stress overload.

The first step in stress management is to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Exercise is a known stress reducer, so it should be incorporated in a student’s day-to-day routine! There is no one set exercise or program that a student ought to adopt in order to succeed. Students should instead find a physical activity that they enjoy doing and will be able to commit to as they go throughout school and work. This might even be as little as going for brisk walks on a daily basis.

The second step in stress management is to acknowledge the need for breaks. There are times when the work piling up will seem all too much and students will just need to get away from it all. In order to avoid these “crashes”, students should budget periods of rest in their programs of study. This is more than just a few hours every day! Students should ideally look to budget at least one day off per week. This will provide a much needed time to relax and unwind from the stress of both work and school.

The third step in stress management is to remember the student’s social life. Work and school will undoubtedly drain much of the student’s available time, so it is of the utmost importance for the student to remain active in his social community. If a student cuts himself off from his community, then he will have little recourse for assistance when he needs to vent some of his burdens!

Communication in an Online MBA Program

The student’s family, friends, co-workers, and employers should all be kept in the loop regarding academic progress and performance. This is because not every classmate will understand the rigors of working full time; just as many co-workers will not understand the rigors of studying for extended periods!

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