How to Get an A+ in Your Online MBA Exam

Many students enter education programs as ambitious minds, but few actually realize their dreams. This is because other pressing issues can interfere with a student’s success. There may be social or family commitments that get in the way of studying, so grades can quickly take a back seat in order to satisfy current demands. However, an A+ grade is achievable, but students must be prepared to prioritize it in order to see it!

Study Techniques for an Online MBA Exam

There is no getting out of it. All academic programs require commitment to study and personal progression with the material presented to students. While studying can seem to be a tiresome chore, this is often because students are studying in a way that does not appeal to their personal sense of learning.

Some students may find they respond to visual learning techniques. These can include using highlighter pens to accent keywords within notes and using colored Post-It notes to present specific content in a similar vein to flash cards. Others may find they are more responsive to auditory learning techniques, which can include dictating notes into a tape recorder or a computer microphone and playing the file back in order to hear their notes being spoken back to them.

Once a student has found a more comfortable method of studying that successfully retains information, then it should be used throughout the course of study. It is also possible to mix and match various techniques that appeal to different senses, but it is important to note that most individuals respond more strongly to certain techniques and less to others. Pressing a studying technique that does not retain information is wasted time and added stress!

The Final Night Cram Before an Online MBA Exam

There are different schools of thought when it comes to the final night “cram” session immediately before an exam. Some feel that it constricts the flow of information to only the last few facts that were crammed, whereas others feel that it can actually enhance performance in an exam through accelerating short term memory capacities in the brain.

If cramming is selected as appropriate for the course, then students should always aim to sleep immediately following a cram session. This is because many students feel that crammed information is more accessible if it is immediately slept on and some preliminary scientific research seems to confirm this opinion!

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