How to Get Into a Top Online MBA with a Low GPA

Students are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to applying for graduate study with a low GPA. Many Universities and colleges are quick to question students when presented with a low GPA score. Some may not even question students at all and simply reject them from consideration at the first opportunity! However, there are steps students can take to remain competitive in the consideration process when they’re not the highest scoring candidates.

Step #1: Highlight Professional Experience for an Online MBA Program

Professional experience is the most considered aspect of a student’s applications portfolio, which is demonstrated on the student’s resume. Students should make every possible every to highlight their professional experience in lengthier projects throughout their resume. If high-level professional experience hasn’t been an option for a student, then he should make every effort to be promoted from within into a position of greater importance. Holding a more prominent position will draw attention to the student’s resume more quickly than several short-term bursts of working for various employers.

Step #2: Acquire Professional References for an Online MBA Program

Professional references are also closely considered by the admissions board. Students should always aim to impress their employers in any given situation, but this impression will perhaps be at its most critical when students present the names of supervisors, employers, and other superiors for academic considerations. Students should also make these references aware of their status as a reference. This can allow the reference to be more prepared for the institution’s likely call and be able to handle questions with more articulation and well-spoken mannerisms.

Step #3: Prepare for the GMAT on an Online MBA Program

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized test that is routinely offered to students during the consideration process. It is a two part test that is scored on a sliding scale based on the level of difficulty students are able to competently handle. This means that students should brush up on their undergraduate experience and what was studied throughout the Bachelor’s level in aims of scoring well on the GMAT. A low GPA can be compensated by a more respectable high score on the GMAT test!

Students should also brush up on their written prose. The second part of the GMAT test is an analytical writing section that also tests students on their fundamental writing skills as scored by an automatic algorithm. This means sentence syntax, grammar, and coherent flow will be taken into account and careless mistakes will be held against the student.

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