How to Get Your Employer to Sponsor Your Online MBA

Education is a costly investment. It requires personal dedication and costs that are borne on behalf of the student. However, some students may find that their employers will sponsor their online MBA programs and provide partial or full funding to cover the costs! This is not an easy feat to accomplish, but it can ease the burden that graduate studies can put on students.

Discuss Online MBA Funding Options with Employer

When an employer is willing to fund post-secondary studies, then it is often a core benefit that is available to employees. This is sometimes even available through part time or casual work. Large retailers such as McDonald’s and KFC through the “Colonel’s Students” program offer small scholarship payments based on employment and successful application criteria. This can be a great incentive to take a second job during study years!

The option of part time employment will not be an option for many students though. It is therefore important for students to discuss funding option with employers. If academic funding is not a core benefit to employees, then it is up to the employee to write a proposal that outlines what funding an online program of study can do for the employer’s business.

Propose Online MBA Funding

The idea of having academically superior employees can be a great bragging right for employers, but it is not the only point of argument to utilize when making a funding proposal. These proposals should be delivered in writing, so as to not intrude on other business matters that an employer may be attending to. Written proposals also benefit from the student being able to organize his or her thoughts into a more coherent and well-delivered piece.

One of the most important points that an employee can make when delivering a funding proposal is to highlight the productivity benefits of higher education. This is because higher academic qualifications will yield a higher workplace productivity due to an increase in ability to tackle tasks proficiently. This means employers should be able to press further workplace needs on a more academically advanced employee without increasing output time or decreasing motivation.

Another very important aspect that employees can highlight is the leadership qualities an online MBA brings. When employers prefer to “promote from within”, having a supply of leaders within the business can make future candidate selection very easy and cost-efficient. Online MBA programs are regarded for the several available electives when it comes to elective selection, so employees will be spoiled for choice when it comes to developing their leadership qualities and skills.

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